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Administrative Law And Professional License Defense: An Overview

Administrative Agencies operate in a universe of their own which is foreign to most businesses and professionals. Employment Law Professionals is comfortable in that universe and can help you find your way to the best possible outcome. We have worked with clients throughout Oregon.

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Dealing with government agencies is rule-specific and based on state and federal regulations governing their operation. Administrative law covers a wide and varied area of practice encompassing many different governmental agencies. Agency law and regulation determine how the agency behaves. Depending on the situation, the Administrative Procedure Act and/or a state procedure act such as the Oregon Administrative Act may apply.

When operating in these environments our attorneys will put you on the path to reach your desired destination. The Administrative Procedure Act is the governing legislation for federal agencies. The Oregon Administrative Procedures Act or the California Administrative Procedures Act governs how state agencies apply their rules and conduct hearings to make decisions. California has 376 state agencies and Oregon has 150+ state agencies, commissions and boards. Each one is governed by regulations that arise from the originating statute.

When working with an agency you must know and understand the agency regulations and if a hearing is required it will be governed by the federal or state administrative procedures act. Examples include Social Security Administrations; Employment/Labor Boards; Unemployment Insurance Agencies; Licensing Agencies; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI); Division of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH); Department of Labor (DOL); and Zoning Boards.

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