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Representing Law Enforcement Professionals: What You Need To Know

Law Enforcement Lives Matter! Despite the chaos and anarchy pervading our culture, law enforcement members daily risk everything for the public welfare and are often unappreciated for what they do. We work alongside law enforcement and their union representatives to protect the legal rights of clients in the courts when their own department fails to stand up and do the right thing for them.

Law enforcement professionals and correctional officers have dangerous and demanding jobs. When they stand up for what is right and report wrongdoing in the workplace, they should expect support from management. But when management responds with retaliation, discrimination, or harassment, you need attorneys who will have your back and be there to protect your rights.

We represent all types of law enforcement professionals including:

  • Police officers
  • Border patrol agents
  • Fish and Game wardens
  • Criminal investigators
  • Immigration agents
  • Correction and Probation officers


Our practice also includes all types of special jurisdictional law enforcement jobs related to facilities and transportation systems such as college and university police forces, security staff and public-school resource officers (SRO).

Protecting Law Enforcement Clients And Their Rights

Employment Law Professionals protects the interests of law enforcement professionals facing unfair discipline and attacks by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. Our firm works cooperatively with your labor union to advise you on civil and administrative actions. Many people don’t know where to start, much less how to defend themselves. That is where we step in.

These cases can be notoriously complex. Therefore, it is imperative to have the right attorney at your side. We stay up to date on all the latest legal changes to best serve our clients and we will work closely with your union through the grievance arbitration process to get you the best outcome. Our top priority is making sure your concerns are addressed. When you work with us, you can expect honesty, integrity, and open communication through all steps of the process.

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