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Churches And Nonprofits Face Unique Challenges

At Employment Law Professionals, we understand the challenges that nonprofit organizations and church leaders face on a daily basis. Leading a church or para-church organization is more than preaching and teaching. Dealing with the everyday problems of employees, volunteers, parishioners and other people involved in the church can be difficult and messy. Nonprofit organizations face similar challenges. Our lead attorney has held leadership positions in churches for more than forty-years. Our legal team works with Oregon churches and nonprofit organizations facing difficult legal situations, employee conflicts, investigations and litigation. We are here to help you with legal issues, explain your options or more importantly work with you to develop policies and procedures that will avoid legal disputes.

Committed To Representing Your Needs

Churches live under the threat of legal actions by members, employees, and the community. Difficult situations arise with employees, members, and leaders need wise counsel to move forward. We have handled cases for organizations of all kinds. From churches to nonprofits, parochial schools, and evangelical institutions, we have the experience needed to help our clients.

Our senior attorney Randy Harvey Ph.D., JD, has training and experience in organizational development and as a lawyer, church leader, and seminarian. He draws on this experience to provide wise counsel from the law that reinforces scriptural principles. Randy’s knowledge of the scriptures and the law bridges the widening gap between the church and the world. When you have questions, he is the one to turn to.

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It is always in your best interest to seek legal advice as soon as you have questions. Our firm gives each client the individualized attention they deserve. We listen with compassion and then come up with a plan to move forward. To schedule a consultation, call our office in Sherwood at +1-971-213-8975 today. You can also fill out our contact form.

[*] As a member of the Christian Legal Society, Randy provides wise counsel for church leaders and para-church organizations to resolve complex issues and avoid legal quagmires. The firm has low-cost retainer plans that allow churches and para-church organizations to have legal advice on speed dial at reasonable rates.