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Your time is valuable. In today’s economic climate, time wasted on ineffective advice in resolving workplace issues, setting up and running your small business, or creating a durable estate plan is money down the drain. There’s also an emotional cost to chasing after a solution that doesn’t fit your individual circumstances.

The attorneys at our firm, Employment Law Professionals, believe the most important thing they can provide you as a client is an attorney who will give you the straight, unvarnished truth about your legal predicament. Someone who will counsel you on how to proceed in a way that provides an economic solution that maintains your bottom line. We have helped clients throughout Oregon navigate the legal system and we can help you.

Each of our attorneys and staff members bring a unique mix of skills to help you with your challenges. To read more about our qualifications, you can click on our individual biographies below:



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We Stand With Common People

Our lawyers are committed to helping everyday people in the Pacific Northwest who are struggling with legal situations such as the following:

Some of these circumstances require good advice from an attorney to resolve; others involve mediation or arbitration. We try to avoid litigation, but we are always prepared to go to court if necessary. Our doctrine is to be assertive for our clients, but to do it with civility and integrity. Regardless of the actions by our clients that prompted a legal dispute, we believe it’s our role to help you find the most economical solution to your legal problems.

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