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Employment Law Professionals believes the most important thing is an attorney who will give you the straight, unvarnished truth about your legal predicament. Someone who will counsel you and advise you on how to proceed in a way that provides an economic solution that maintains your bottom line. We have helped clients throughout Oregon navigate the legal system and we can help you.

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Some cases involve negotiation; others involve mediation or arbitration. We try to avoid litigation, but we are always prepared to go to court if necessary. Our doctrine is to be assertive for our clients, but to do it with civility and integrity. We do this in our dealings with the court, with other attorneys, with opposing sides and with our own clients. To read more about our qualifications, you can click on our individual biographies below:



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We have found that in the long run, the best solutions are obtained in matter of fact dealings with people using honesty and integrity. We have experience in a variety of practice areas found here on our webpage.

Regardless of the actions by our clients that prompted a legal dispute, we believe it’s our role to help you find the most economical solution to your legal problems. In fact, we have a habit of saying, “It’s our business to take the headache out of business and employment issues!”

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