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As An Employee, You Have Rights

Everyone deserves a safe workplace. When that is compromised, it’s important to remember that you have rights. ELPNW has worked with clients throughout Oregon and California who are going through these difficult situations. We can help you understand your options.

Experience In All Areas Of The Law

  1. Employment law- all aspects of employer-employee relations.
  2. Labor law-representing unions and union members.
  3. Employee rights-in the workplace.
  4. Workplace law-employee rights in the workplace, leave, pay, etc.
  5. Employment discrimination-all forms of discrimination against workers in the workplace.
  6. Wage and hour law-collecting wages and enforcing wage laws.
  7. Unfair dismissal-standing up for employees wrongfully terminated.
  8. Harassment and retaliation-protected status harassment, whistleblowing, and retaliation litigation.
  9. Non-compete agreements-protecting employees against unfair non-competes.
  10. Employee benefits-enforcing legally required employee benefits such as sick leave, OFLA, FMLA, ADA.
  11. Whistleblower protections-protecting employees from retaliation for reporting illegal conduct.
  12. Equal employment opportunity-ensuring the rights of protected classes in hiring, selection, and retention.
  13. Family and medical leave-guaranteeing employees lawful leave under OFLA, FMLA and the ADA
  14. Employee contracts-enforcing and drafting employment contracts.
  15. Disability accommodations-assisting employees to obtain reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

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