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Why sexual harassment is so prevalent in the restaurant industry

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Employment Law

Many industries are plagued by harassment and discrimination, causing significant harm to workers and their careers. Yet, one industry in particular, the restaurant industry, seems to see more than its fair share of harassing behavior. In fact, 70% of women in the industry report being subjected to sexual harassment, with half of them reporting that harassment occurring on a weekly basis.

Why is sexual harassment so prevalent in the restaurant industry?

There may be several factors contributing to sexual harassment in this particular industry. To start, many restaurant workers rely on tips to build a significant portion of their income. As a result, many of these workers are hesitant to report sexual harassment out of fear that it will decrease the amount of money that they make.

Another contributing factor is the business model in the restaurant industry. Here, customer satisfaction is key, which means that managers, who are often tasked with increasing profits, are hesitant to take action on reports of sexual harassment. These managers may even take adverse employment action against an employee who levies complaints against customers who engage in harassing behaviors.

Putting an end to your sexual harassment

If you’ve been subjected to sexual harassment in the restaurant industry, then now may be the time to take legal action. After all, that’s oftentimes the only way to have your voice heard and find accountability. It’s not an easy road, though, as it can be complicated by employers who want to avoid liability. But by working closely with a skilled legal advocate, you may be able to position yourself for success and bring an end to sexually harassing behavior.