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Do employees receive overtime in Oregon if they work holidays?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Firm News

Employers often reward their employees this time of year for a job well done. They may give a gift, such as a ham. They may give out end-of-year bonuses based on goodwill. And, sometimes they will pay an employee more if the employee works on a holiday.

However, are employers in Oregon required to pay employees more if the employee works on a holiday? Specifically, must employees be paid the state overtime rate of time and one-half for working holidays?

Must employers pay employees more on holidays?

Employers are not required to offer employees higher pay for working holidays under Oregon law. This applies even to legal holidays. However, if an employer has an established policy stating employees will be paid at a higher rate for working holidays, that policy must be followed.

Employers must pay overtime at time and one-half to employees who work more than a 40-hour work week. It does not matter whether a holiday falls in the work week.

However, employers are not required to pay employees time and one-half if they work on a holiday that falls within their 40-hour work week, absent a workplace policy stating otherwise.

Employers must follow overtime rules when they apply

It is important that employers follow all state overtime rules. However, the state does not require overtime pay for employees who work on holidays unless the employer already has a policy stating they will do so.

Employers want to treat their employees well and employees have rights that deserve to be honored. If an employer or employee has questions on Oregon overtime laws, they can seek the assistance they need to better understand the topic.