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The different options for dealing with sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Employment Law

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take its toll on workers. For that reason, they should know about the different legal remedies and protections available to them if they have been the victim of sexual harassment at their job.

Different options for addressing sexual harassment

There are several different ways victims can potentially deal with sexual harassment in the workplace in addition to the importance of reporting it to their employer and following whatever procedure their employer has outlined to handle sexual harassment including:

  • Administrative complaint – the victim can typically make a complaint with whatever government agency would handle such a complaint which is usually the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The other option may be the human rights or civil rights enforcement agency in the victim’s state.
  • Litigation – once the victim has obtained a right to sue letter from the relevant government agency, they can bring a civil claim for damages for the harm they have suffered because of the sexual harassment they have suffered. Victims of sexual harassment may be able to recover compensation for their emotional damages and other damages including reinstatement if they lost their job; back pay if they experienced a loss in compensation or missed out on a raise; compensation for the loss of fringe benefits; damages for emotional distress; and attorney’s fees and court costs. Additionally, the victim’s employer may be required to initiate a policy or training to stop harassment.

Employment law options protect victims of sexual harassment when they have been sexually harassed in their workplaces. It is essential for employees experiencing sexual harassment to be familiar with these protections and how they may be able to stop sexual harassment.