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Minimum wage workers owed 70-cent hourly raise as of April 14

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Employment Law

In mid-April, the minimum wage in Oregon went up 70 cents. While this may have helped some people out financially or seemed insufficient to others, if you earn the hourly minimum wage and did not see this 70-cent increase starting April 14, you might have a claim for wage and hour violations.

Minimum wage laws

Oregon employers are required to pay workers at least the minimum wage. The state hourly minimum wage is higher than the federal hourly minimum wage, so the state hourly minimum wage is what will be followed.

With the recent 70-cent increase, the hourly minimum wage in most of urban Oregon is $14.90. The hourly minimum wage in the Portland Metro area is $16.15. The hourly minimum wage in non-urban Oregon is $13.90.

The next time the Oregon minimum wage will be increased is July 1, 2023.

Minors, new employees, workers who earn tips, workers who are paid by commission and workers who are paid daily still must be paid at least the hourly minimum wage. Tip crediting is not allowed in Oregon.

Salaried employees

Oregon’s minimum hourly wage laws do not apply to salaried employees. However, salaried employees still must be paid a minimum amount. The federal minimum for salaried employees is greater than previous state requirements, so the federal rate will apply. Salaried employees under federal law must be paid at least $684 weekly.

While there are some narrow exceptions to state and federal minimum wage and salary laws, generally Oregon workers can expect to earn at least the state minimum hourly wage or the federal minimum salary amount. Those paid any less might be able to pursue a wage and hour claim to recover the lost wages they are entitled to.